Get Back to School
Safely Program

Designed and managed by doctors to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students, faculty and staff
      • Doctor-designed online screenings
      • Medical tele-visits
      • Best-in-class COVID-19 testing
      • Containment protocols
      • Contact tracing
      • Care coordination
      • Administrator/nurse dashboard
      • Medical guidance

Reopening will be a journey
We can do it together

School Program

Turnkey solution to keep your students, faculty and staff safe


This online evaluator is simple to use. The results determine if a member needs to be tested for COVID-19 or if they can safely return to school.


We will closely monitor your members through medical tele- visits, ensuring tests are prescribed and performed following the results obtained through our algorithm.


Best-in-class COVID-19 solution.

FDA EUA approved expedited testing utilizing noninvasive high precision saliva testing.


A true asset to your administrators and nurses. Actionable data to monitor your members at your fingertips in real-time. Keep your students, faculty and staff safe.