Return to work with confidence

With our doctor-designed  solution.


Testing Algorithm

This online evaluator is simple to use. The results determine if an employee needs to be tested for COVID-19 or if they can safely return to work. Included with the results your employees will receive safety protocols and special recommendations if they belong to high risk groups.

Simple, precise, and easy to implement.

Medical Tele-visits

We will closely monitor your workforce through medical tele- visits, ensuring tests are prescribed and performed following the results obtained through our algorithm, and positive cases are followed up according to our protocol.

Always there when you need us most.

COVID-19 Testing

For local businesses we offer testing in all our concierge-style facilities. Nationwide, testing will be done on an expedited basis at locations as geographically accessible to the employee.

Quick Scheduling. Expedited Results.

Human Resources Dashboard

A true asset to your Human Resources team. Actionable data to monitor your team at your fingertips in real-time.

Keep your workforce and your customers safe.

Valuable data and insights

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing wearable device aimed at mitigating COVID-19 in the workforce. Utilizing advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, each wristband encourages CDC recommended social distancing guidelines, while seamlessly recording valuable contact tracing data. 

View and analyze using our online platform.

Step Into a Safe Work Environment